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A House Divided... Part One

As you know, I do not post often. Endless chattering is a sign of a mind filled with noise, incapable of filtering out the falsehood and satanic lies and suggestions - all of which may indeed "sound" holy, but which are fraught with error, and so deceit. This is why I do not post frequent messages. I post what I know is important, and so less frequently than many others who do not seem capable of silence and "waiting upon the Lord".

People, having read my articles, have suggested I am a prophet. If I am a prophetic voice, what I say must be clear - and that only after much prayer and consideration of the content of the issue or matter in question. I will post nothing I have not weighed and considered. It shall never be "mindless chattering". So I offer the following, not as prophetic voice, but that of one concerned about what is becoming of this nation, the United States. And perhaps if you live in another land, it is happening there as well...

* * * * * * *

We have been seeing this nation being torn apart by divisive and intolerant people in these last few years. This is clearly part of the of the storm I wrote about in 2014, which includes the incidents in Ferguson, Missouri, New York, Indiana and so others. These divisive events have been tearing at the fabric of our nation, with claims of white privilege, white racism, white this, white that... all against people who could care less about what colour you are, what socio-economic level you inhabit, and cultural background you come from. The targets of this intolerance are not racists.

This "new" diversity and racism, which really isn't new at all, but rather a perverted form of progressivism - or it's full realisation - demanding expanded "rights" and individual "liberty", that white people have an unfair advantage, isn't the kind of diversity or inclusion that is the historic norm. You know, people from many nations gather together and form a more perfect union, where everyone is welcome, and their racial, cultural, political and religious views are also welcomed - even if there is a difference in beliefs and practices.

Yes, the United States has had its problems, there is no denying that fact. And, yes, solutions were not always the best, the facts bear this out as well. But what is being ignored and swept under the carpet is the fact that this United States was designed to overcome the adversity within, to overcome the injustices that exist(ed), to forge a more perfect union for all - while denying no one their inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In point of fact, if you truly look at the history of race relations over the past fifty years, which I have lived through as an adult, you would see that prior to the last eight years race relations, opportunities for minorities, inclusion and acceptance were the norm, not the exception. Racism was on its heels and dying. But it only took a few incidents, blown out of proportion and misrepresented by the "victims" and their families, with carelessly spoken words by our President and others with an agenda not in line with the American ideal, to enflame racial tensions once again, setting this nation back almost literally to the 1960s in claims of overt, systemic racism against blacks.

But the facts to not bear out the claims. The primary differences between the 1960s and today are so stark and evident, the claims of these progressive shills hold no water. But society, having been inculcated into the "politically correct" mindset over the past twenty years, fell into the trap and so became overly sensitive and responsive to the claims of these voices that cried "racism" where racism does not actually exist.

But let's look at this whole diversity thing, to see just what it really means to be "diverse". Diversity, according to Webster:

  • 1: the condition of having or being composed of differing elements : variety; especially : the inclusion of different types of people (as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization <programs intended to promote diversity in schools>
  • 2: an instance of being composed of differing elements or qualities : an instance of being diverse <a diversity of opinion>

So, according to Webster, diversity is a characterised by variety, and the inclusion of different types of people (racial and culturally). So, by its very description, diversity is inclusive - even of differing opinions, views, and beliefs. Interesting.

But what we are seeing in the behaviour of those who champion "inclusion" is a decidedly restrictive, even narrowed, definition of what that means, which is to say that as long as you go along with their definitions of "tolerance" and "inclusion", i.e. "diversity", you will be accepted. But should you happen to have a different perspective, read 'Christian' - unless you're part of the growing progressive, Emergent or "gay is natural" variety of Christianity - they are allowed to slander you, sue you, destroy your business, and pretty much anything and everything they believe necessary to drive you to either a) change and join their group-mind or, b) die.

Yes, I am being just a bit ridiculous here. But in truth, think about what these diversity people are really saying to those who dare disagree with them. And, consider, if you will, how this parallels another belief system: Islam.

Oh, I understand I just set some of you on edge. American progressives aren't anything like Islam. And Islam isn't like what you are suggesting. Really? Shall we make a small but unscientific comparison?

Progressives believe they are on the right side of every argument, no exceptions. They know their solutions to society's ills will work, though historical evidence demonstrates this is patently false. But they insist theirs is the better way, the only way forward, despite the facts.

Islam claims to be on the right side of every issue and socio-political argument. They claim Sharia (Islamic system of law) is the cure for society's ills. The condition of their own societies in the Middle East proves this is not true; but they insist theirs is a better way, the only way forward, despite the facts.

Progressives want everyone to subsume their own feelings and beliefs in favour of allowing everyone to live as they want, that it should not be illegal to express your own lifestyle. But they demonstrate how intolerant they are when it comes to informing them that this then must necessarily apply to Christians living out their expressed beliefs, too. They demonstrate their belief that religions which do not support their view are at the root of much of what is wrong in America. No proof this is so, but that hasn't stopped them from making such a case.

Islam does not believe that everyone should be allowed to live out their expressed beliefs, you must subsume your beliefs and capitulate to Sharia. Everything is and should be subject to Sharia. Therefore, homosexuals are evil, and worthy of death; unbelievers who will not convert to Islam are evil and worthy of a) enslavement, b) taxation, or c) death. Nobody gets a pass. And in Muslim countries, Christian churches are illegal, along with any other religion's expression or facilities.

The one irony here is that while progressives give Islam a pass - they are a religion of peace, you know - if Islam overtook this nation as the dominant force, and imposed Sharia, the progressives would be among the first to be arrested (too liberal, apostate), homosexuals would be arrested (apostate), Christians would be marginalised, even imprisoned for refusing to convert; and capital punishment would be instituted and carried out with alarming frequency and in genocidal numbers - potentially beginning with the progressives, homosexuals and Christians.

The hypocrisy of progressives is they champion homosexuality, transgender, even trans-sexuality, yet do not condemn Islam for their intolerance of homosexuality (punishable by death) or other things Western society is coming to accept as "normal". They do not decry Islam's denigration of women and the less than second-class status Sharia puts upon them (a woman's testimony is worth barely half that of a man), persecution of Christians or other religious beliefs.

A further irony of progressives is that if they believe an opposing view is wrong, it is therefore intolerable. A more circular argument one could not make. "You're wrong because WE SAY you're wrong." They cannot demonstrate you are wrong, but we must accept their word; they are right, period. No argument, no discussion. The tyranny of "inclusion" defined.

Cultural Marxism of political correctness: If you don't agree with me one hundred percent, I have a right to destroy you, and any business you might be engaging.

Within the church we see the social issues of the day tearing us apart. Two camps are emerging. And it is all based in an emotional fear response to the attack of progressives against Christianity and our doctrines. Yes, I said "fear response".

On the one hand, not wanting to be seen as unloving people, that we do not love sinners, out of fear of being attacked or sued, many congregations are capitulating to the pressure of the world, and they are not just welcoming, but affirming behaviours the Bible clearly calls immoral, even sinful and abominable, as "natural" and "normal". Read Leviticus 18 in proper context and you will see that more than just 'men lying with men' is considered abominable.

Conversely, we have people becoming even more entrenched in a kind of legalism, where the Bible says something is wrong and if people practice it, well, they're going to hell... They are responding out of emotional fear to an onslaught by the increasingly liberal entertainment industry, social media industry, films, books, philosophies, the crumbling of moral clarity and more, which is "infecting" their children, co-workers, family members, even their church. They feel surrounded, and so retreat into an idealised world that never actually existed, believing they can, in the case of the United States, "take back America", if only they elect the "right" people into office. It is a pipe dream, and their fear is irrational, so they respond in kind and don't even want to hear about it, talk about it, except to condemn all who embrace what is coming upon their nation, even the world at large.

Okay, yes, people in both camps are still Christians, usually. But they are compromising their faith. If they just stood on what the Bible says, they would not have fear.

However, there is a third way.

Jesus condemned many practices, particularly of the Pharisees, even King Herod. John was executed for his beliefs and statements against the king, bold indictments against his immorality.

And yet, Jesus still loved all. Remember, He condemned behaviour, not people... though he did call them "whitewashed tombs", "vipers" and the like (Matt. 23). It was hyperbole to make sure He had their full attention. If they had sincerely confessed and repented, Jesus would surely have welcomed them into His embrace.

Let's not be fooled by what the world is demanding. Scripture is filled with passages that warn us of what the world is doing, has done, and will continue to do. In these, the End Times, the world will continue to grow ever more hostile to people of faith, particularly the Christian faith. Jesus outlined a general picture in Matthew 24 about the mood and behaviour of people, even the world, in the days preceding His return. He even said, "When you see these things begin to occur, lift up your head and know the day of My return is close at hand."

Jesus did not say "be afraid". He said to lift up our heads. That is not the behaviour of a fearful people. It is the behaviour of confident people. If our confidence is in Christ; if God is with us - who is there who can oppose us? They may be able to kill the body, but they cannot kill our spirit. Paul was clear, it is a small price to pay, this suffering we endure at the hands of an unbelieving world.

The complacency of the church of God is alarming. The increasing ignorance within the church is also alarming. People no longer see the need to read their Bibles, to study and meditate on the Word of God. Pastors are not teaching repentance, the consequences of disobedience, the behaviours of the ungodly as things to be rejected and opposed. Their sermons are now filled with pleasing words, encouragements (which are also important, of course), but devoid of anything that might offend. And so zero conviction of sinful behaviour that would lead to repentance.

The new "creed" seems to be this: Love God, love people. And to be sure, this is important. Jesus said if you love God and love your neighbour, you will keep all the rest of the commandments. But this does not mean that in loving others, we also embrace what they believe, what they do, what they profess, if it does not align with scripture. We love them, yes, but we do not ascribe to their false notions and mishandling of the meaning and intent of the lessons we are taught in scripture.

And remember these words: You either offend the world, or you offend God. There is no middle ground here.

We are to love our enemies and show them the error in their beliefs and attitudes, in love, but with clear, unambiguous language, speaking the truth of the Word of God, that they may be convicted of their sin, and that conviction will lead to confession and repentance, and they will receive the free gift of salvation in Christ Jesus. This is our work, the Great Commission.

I have news for the faithful. God is not done.

There will be one more Awakening in America, and the world, before the end of days comes to fruition.

Your decision is plain and simple: will you live in fear? Or will you "lift up your head" with confidence in the Son of God, and in His Word, and be about "my Father's business", which is warning people of what awaits them which choose unbelief?

More to come on this topic in Part Two, soon.

May the Lord of Life guide you into His truth, and the true path to salvation, that comes only by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.


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